"Part of Me" is Hannah Diamond's first new single since last year's "True".

Harle says of the new track, "It started off with the lullaby/celeste pattern and we were working in and around this kind of sleepy twinkly melody. And it was supposed to be a sleepy song. But as the lyrics came together we worked out there was a possibility for there to be this repressed inner excitement/keenness that could come out in a really hard section."

Diamond adds, "We were writing to that from some of my lyrics from the Diamond Dictionary, that I had no music for. I had so many to choose from ‘cos I'd been writing loads. I was looking at a few different documents I had of lyrics and then these ones suddenly clicked and fell together really quickly. And because of the melody, I found a new meaning in the lyrics to what I thought they meant to me before."

Expanding on the concept for the track and its visuals, Diamond explains, "With artwork and imagery, I always like to start with an object that I feel helps me to create a world in my mind about the music. I instantly felt that the ‘Part of Me’ object would be a music box. I had one as a kid where I used to keep my most precious things I had found. I remember I found a tiny weeny key (probably from a necklace) that was broken in half. I was convinced it was a fairy key, so I kept it in case the fairy ever came back to find it. A lot of the ideas for the artwork came from my memory of that music box and how the things you keep or cherish stay with you and become a part of you. I did so much research into music boxes and really didn't want it to be a stereotypical square box. In the end, I ended up making my own, that was based around a Dior lipgloss necklace charm. When I was looking at all the research images I kept thinking about how some of them looked like tiny stages, and how the music boxes of the future (if they ever become a thing again) would have popstars inside them instead of Ballerinas."

Hannah Diamond's new single "Part of Me" with Danny L Harle is out now.