"So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth" follows on from "Violence" that dropped in September.

There's also an "Algorithm Mix" version, which is nearly half the length of the "Art Mix"above.

Alongside dropping her new single, Grimes has updated her Instagram bio with a link to a pre-order for Miss Anthropocene, the album Grimes announced back in March.

The pre-order page includes the tracklist for the upcoming album, which will be arriving in February 2020.


  1. So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth (Algorithm Mix)
  2. Darkseid (with 潘PAN)
  3. Delete Forever
  4. Violence (with i_o)
  5. 4ÆM
  6. New Gods
  7. My Name is Dark (Algorithm Mix)
  8. You'll miss me when I'm not around
  9. Before the fever
  10. IDORU (Algorithm Mix)
"So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth" is out now. Grimes' Miss Anthropocene arrives via 4AD on 21 February 2020, and is available to pre-order now.