The stunning new tracks were recorded at Novo Amor's home studio in Wales after our Five Day Forecast 2019 performer Gia Margaret had supported Novo Amor on his North American tour.

On their collaboration, Ali Lacey of Novo Amor says, "Gia and I met in Atlanta last November. It was raining, a lot. We spent the first weeks of winter travelling around the country, playing shows together, recognising our creative likeness and just becoming friends. "No Fun" and "Lucky For You" were written and recorded together over a long weekend at my home studio in Wales. We saw a bridge across our usual geographical divide and said "hey, let’s make some music!". It feels almost against our nature to try and explain this. We had no preconceptions. We just love music, the process of making it, how it can make you feel and what it can do for people. I think it’s just something that we wanted to share."

The new tracks are the first from Novo Amor since 2018's Birthplace record, and the first new material from Gia Margaret following her 2018 debut record There's Always Glimmer.

"No Fun" and "Lucky For You" are both out now. Gia Margaret has announced her first UK headline tour for later this year. Novo Amor will tour the US and Europe over the coming months. Find out more.