"Forever Starts Now" is among Andy Gill's final recordings before he died on 1 February aged 64. It's the first new Gang Of Four track to be released since their February EP This Heaven Gives Me Migraine.

Lead vocalist John Sterry says the song is about "a character who sees himself as the hero of his own life and manipulates his partner into supporting this fantasy. The line, 'She sings along with his song / she thinks it's like having the radio on...' always brings a wry smile."

Andy Gill's widow Catherine Mayer says of the new EP, "Andy always had a healthy scepticism about celebrity culture and populist politicians, and he could always spot when someone was blowing smoke. Even so, he would be moved and delighted that artists he loved and admired have come together to celebrate him by launching this EP and for such a good cause."

All proceeds made from the Anti Hero EP will be donated to Guy's and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust, the London hospital that tried to save his life earlier this year.

Bassist Thomas McNeice adds of the new EP, "It was strange, to say the least, to work on a Gang of Four EP without the wisdom and guidance of Andy, but it was nice to feel his presence and influence again. I like to think that this EP exhibits a progression in Gang of Four, while paying tribute to a unique talent that I was extraordinarily lucky to work with."


  1. Forever Starts Now
  2. JJ Sterry - Day Turns to Night
  3. Change The Locks
  4. Glass
"Forever Starts Now" is out now. Gang of Four's Anti Hero EP is due for release on 17 July.