"Windows" is the group's first single since their digital-only stripped back tracks of Haunted Items that arrived earlier this year.

Speaking about the new single, vocalist Greta Kline says, "This song takes place during the waiting period of healing, not knowing how to proceed or how to find the path to forgiveness. The inner versus the outer- learning to see yourself as part of the whole. For me the lyrics cover some of the slow movements of relationships, the shifts that occur in ways of thinking over time."

Close It Quietly is their first album since last year's Vessel, and was recorded at Brooklyn’s Figure 8 Studios with co-producer Gabe Wax.


  1. Moonsea
  2. Cosmic Shop
  3. 41st
  4. So Blue
  5. A Joke
  6. Rings (On A Tree)
  7. Actin’ Weird
  8. Windows
  9. Never Would
  10. Self-destruct
  11. Wannago
  12. I’m It
  13. Trunk Of A Tree
  14. Last Season’s Textures
  15. Even Though I Knew
  16. UFO
  17. Marbles
  18. Did You Find
  19. A Hit
  20. With Great Purpose
  21. This Swirling
"Windows" is out now. Close It Quietly drops on 6 September via Sub Pop. Frankie Cosmos play London's Islington Assembly Hall on 22 October. Find out more.