During a "packed" show at the SSE Hydro, Morrissey took a break from perfoming to banter with the attendees, apparently saying: "I am curious. Do any of you actually like Nicola Sturgeon? Those hands will be in anybody’s pocket..."

After his words some members of the crowd booed the beleagured Smiths legend, with more apparently even going as far as to walk out:

Nathan Sparling, an SNP member who saw the show over the weekend, disputed the walk outs in a chat with The National: "Morrissey asked the question ‘does anyone here like Nicola Sturgeon?’ The general reaction was what anyone would expect which was a mix of cheers and then overwhelmingly, I would say, boos. And I don’t think that was directed at Morrissey. There was certainly no mass walk out. I was sitting quite centrally in the venue and I didn’t see anyone leave."

Morrissey has previously been suppportive of an independent Scotland.

Morrissey's had a tough ol' time of it in recent months - as well as seeming to defend the actions of alleged sexual predators Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey (which led to a self-imposed print interview ban) he appeared to voice support for UKIP leadership candidate Anne Marie Waters. As well as that, he made a ridiculous statement about the Manchester terrorist attack and drawn criticism for attempting to sell an offensive piece of merch featuring civil rights activist and author James Baldwin. His latest record didn't exactly do well in charts either, but of course that wasn't anything to do with him.