Vocalist/lyricist Duncan Wallis says of the new single: "The song has a simple message: to be content with who you are. If you need help with that, then don't be ashamed or frustrated. If other people appear to be doing a better job at being you than you then it means that that's not you. And that's okay too. As soon as recording began, it felt like the perfect response to the feelings of abandonment we'd been harbouring recently. We see it as the perfect distillation of everything we set out to achieve on the new record."

Big Balloon is Dutch Uncles' fifth LP in total, and follows last year's O Shudder. When we spoke to Wallis about what to expect, he told us that "it's certainly louder. Loud to the point of being crunchy in some places. It's also our fastest album too, which probably means it's our best."

Dutch Uncles recently announced a new series of UK dates for next spring - head to their website to find out more.

Big Balloon is released 17 February via Memphis Industries. You can pre-order it now.