We are delighted to bring you another installment of our Oh! Canada compilations. This month we kick things off with the welcome return for Braids (who featured on the first Oh! Canada back in 2009 and release their debut album Native Speaker this month). This edition also features some of the many bands we discovered while visiting the East of Canada last year, including pop-jangle mastery from John McKiel and Prince Edward Islands’s Paper Lions, ferocious grunge-blues from husband and wife duo Cursed Arrows, classic pop sounds from Laura Key, and Frederick Squire‘s delicate finger picking.

We also bring you some familiar faces in new forms: Chris Reimer and Matt Flegel of Women join forces with James Cullen for his project Church of The Very Bright Lights, while Friendo sees Michael Wallace (also of Women) step out from behind the drumkit and take to the guitar. Memphis is the side project of Torquil Campbell of Stars, while Sister is the new project of the Gillis sisters of Plumtree.

Oh! Canada Volume 14
Oh! Canada Volume 14 (Alternative download link)
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1. Braids: ‘Plath Heart’
2. Church Of The Very Bright Lights: ‘Words’
3. Jon Mckiel: ‘Motion Pictures’
4. Paper Lions: ‘We Lost The War’
5. Parlovr: ‘Hell, Heaven’
6. Memphis: ‘I Want The Lights On After Dark’
7. Cowboy Junkies: ‘Wrong Piano’
8. Cursed Arrows: ‘Death Rattle Blues’
9. DUZHEKNEW: ‘Home Caste’
10. Gamma Gamma Rays: ‘Roam’
11. Wildlife: ‘Sea Dreamer’
12. DVAS: ‘Questions’
13. Silly Kissers: ‘Sweet Adrian’
14. The Luyas: ‘Tiny Head’
15. Friendo: ‘Pass Times’
16. Grimes: ‘Devon’
17. Sister: ‘Feather On The Ocean Floor’
18. Laura Peek: ‘Stay Sharp’
19. The Tom Fun Orchestra: ‘When You Were Mine’
20. Frederick Squire: ‘Pretty Bird’
21. Spring Breakup: ‘The Effect I Have On Women’

The cover art for this edition was again produced by Jon Janes using an image taken by Jasper Baydala.

Our thanks to everyone who helped make this months compilation possible. Be sure to click on the band names to find out more about each artist, and in some cases you will find more music to download (including three full records for free). On the subject of free, be sure to catch Tom Fun Orchestra for free shows at Manchester Trof Fallowfield (31 Jan), London AAA (1 February) and Cardiff’s Buffalo Bar (2 February).

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