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Donald Trump can't find anyone to play his inauguration party

13 December 2016, 10:21 | Written by Laurence Day

According to reports in the United States, President-elect Donald Trump can't find anyone to play his inauguration party.

US news site The Wrap says that Trump's party planning committee are having a right old 'mare trying to find anyone of note to perform. Prominent pro-Trump musicians include Kid Rock and Ted Nugent.

"They're calling managers, agents, everyone in town to see who they can get and it's been problematic," a source tells The Wrap, who suggest that Trump's team want names such as Bruno Mars and/or Justin Timberlake.

“They are willing to pay anything,” says the source. “They told me, ‘We’ll pay their fees.’ Most of these artists’ fees are in the six to seven figures.”

Usually only production and travel expenses are covered.

Elton John was previously confirmed by inauguration commitee member Anthony Scaramucci. John and his team firmly denied anything of the sort: "Incorrect. He will NOT be performing. There is no truth in this at all."

In contrast, outgoing Prez Barack Obama has been a major hit with the stars - his 2009 inauguration featured performances from Beyoncé and Aretha Franklin. In his eight-year stint as President, Obama's held huge parties on the lawn and had the likes of Rihanna and Kendrick Lamar at the White House.

During last night's BBC Music Awards, the BBC asked a slew of names if they'd perform if asked - even if they were paid.

"I would never do it," Sweden's Zara Larsson says. "...I would never do it and most other smart people wouldn't do it."

John Legend says: "Creative people tend to reject bigotry and hate... we tend to be more liberal-minded. When we see somebody that's preaching division and hate and bigotry, it's unlikely he'll get a lot of creative people that want to be associated with him."

"I don't think I would take the money on that one," Adam Lambert added.

There was one big name that toyed with the idea - The 1975's Matty Healy. "I'll do it if they give me cash up front, then watch what would happen. It would be a riot," he says, before naming his lofty price. "He's got gold seatbelts in his plane - so at least a million quid."

Trump's team have denied that they are struggling to find performers.

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