"Tears From Heaven" is the first offering from Desire since their 2009 album Desire, which featured "Under Your Spell" that later featured on the Drive movie soundtrack.

Leading with a glossy, dark-pop sound, the returning trio's new track first debuted at Chanel's Paris Fashion Week show last week.

Speaking about the track, Megan Louise explains, ""Tears From Heaven" is a song about crossing the divide between being a voyeur on the sidelines of your own life and taking action to make your own destiny. Heaven is a metaphor for life after death. A leap into the great unknown. If you never knock on the door, it will never open. In the song, the tears represent raindrops pouring down from the clouds washing away all of the dirt and confusion. The mundane obstacles of the daily routine are pushed aside for a clearer vision of what's to come."

Earlier this year Johnny Jewel released a surprise album Themes For Television on the year anniversary of his Twin Peaks soundtrack.

Chromatics have also been busy with their music, having announced that their long-awaited Dear Tommy album will arrive later this year.

"Tears From Heaven" is out now, and is the first glimpse of their forthcoming album that is due to arrive on Italians Do It Better next year.