"Mountainside" strips away Deradoorian's electro-psych flourishes, with threadbare textures and flute strands taking the spotlight here. The hypnotic nature of her music remains - but it's hypnotic for a different reason, keeping you on tenterhooks with rawness instead of swirling layers.

The former Dirty Projectors member is following up last year's sprawling "Unbearable Aliveness" and 2015 debut The Exploding Flower Planet. The songs for Eternal Recurrence were begun two years ago, and finished off in 2016 with co-producer Ben Greenberg.


  1. Love Arise
  2. Return-Transcend
  3. Ausar Temple
  4. Nia In The Dark
  5. Mountainside
  6. Mirrorman
Eternal Recurrence is out via Anticon on 6 October.