The album also arrives after 2015 production The Musical (a musical featuring "87 live musicians"), and is teased via lead jam "Ruffle Shuffle".

"We heard a radio show in Canada with that name back in 2004,” says Datarock's founder Fredrik Saroea says of the new album's title. "We thought it sounded hilariously pretentious. Coming from a city of black metal, and with a background in punk and thrash metal, we found the title so utterly wrong for Datarock that we've always wanted to use it for an album... we hope the next album will reach out and put a smile on our fellow bitter and bored friends around the world."

Watch the new album trailer below and see the tracklist afterwards.


  1. BMX
  2. Ruffle Shuffle
  3. Sense Of Reason
  4. Laugh In The Face Of Darkness
  5. Everything
  6. Feathers And Wax
  7. Beautiful Monster
  8. Invitation To Love
  9. Outta Here
  10. Darkness At The Edge Of The Pit
Face The Brutality is out 9 March 2018 via YAP.