The duo re-emerged in 2015 with "You & I Alone", but then vanished back into the pop ether with little warning. It turns out that song was a mere preview of a much longer project with acclaimed producer Max Tundra, and another hits the airwaves today - it's called "BB".

"BB stands for Basic Busker," explains Tundra, "any one of countless identikit instigators of mundane melodies that have brought the mood down in recent years. Pop music should lift the spirits - so why are the airwaves full of these mundane strummers?"

Daphne and Celeste are playing The Dome and Heaven in London next month. Find out more.


  1. Save The World
  2. Sunny Day
  3. BB
  4. A.L.T.O.
  5. 16 Stars
  6. Paint Can
  7. You & I Alone
  8. Alarms
  9. Taking Notes
  10. Golden Doldrum
  11. Song To A Succulent
  12. Whatever Happened To Yazz?
  13. Kandy Korn
Daphne & Celeste Save The World is out 30 March.