The Scottish multi-instrumentalist is back with the vibrant indie-pop banger "Impossible", the first single to be released from Health.

C Duncan's new album is the first one he's recorded at a proper studio. Speaking about the new process, he explains, "This was the biggest shift in dynamic for me, having always worked alone, it was a daunting prospect but one I knew I had to explore."

Health saw C Duncan enlist production from Elbow’s Craig Potter. "With album 3 I wanted to take a more direct approach, adding even more layers but thematically and lyrically laid bare," says C Duncan. "Having someone else to bounce production ideas off was really eye-opening for me. In the past I had been very controlling about how everything would sound but Health really showed me the benefit of working with others and made the whole process much less isolating."

C Duncan's third album follows on from 2016's The Midnight Sun - check out our Track By Track feature on the record.


  1. Talk Talk Talk
  2. Wrong Side of the Door
  3. Impossible
  4. He Came From The Sun
  5. Holiday Home
  6. Health
  7. Somebody Else’s Home
  8. Blasé
  9. Reverie
  10. Pulses & Rain
  11. Stuck Here With You
  12. Care
"Impossible" is out now. Health arrives 29 March via Fat Cat Records.