Last year Bright Light Bright Light - aka Rod Thomas - released his third album Cinematography which not only features a the vocals of Elton, but also all members of the Scissor Sisters and Alan Cumming (aka Romy & Michele’s very own Sandy Frink). He's also been busy hosting Romy & Michele's Saturday Afternoon Tea Dance at New York’s Club Cumming, where he plays Disco, Pop, Soul, Girl Groups, Movie Soundtracks, 80s, 90s, RnB and more. The last Tea Dance before Bright Light Bright Light heads out on tour with Erasure for a few months takes place on 6 January from 3pm-8pm - full details over on Facebook.

Thomas now lives in New York but still comes back the UK for shows every now and again. We caught up with him on one such trip a few months back to discuss one of his many passions - cult movies with strong female leads. Don't listen if you’re about to watch Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, Mannequin or Alien Ressurection as the podcast does contain a few spoilers!

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