On Saturday (10 July) a portion of a past interview with Sindri Eldon, aka Björk's son, resurfaced on Twitter. One of the quotes saw him say: "My main statement will be to prove to everyone what I've secretly known for ages: that I'm a better songwriter and lyricist than 90% of Icelandic musicians, my mother included."

Yesterday (11 July) Eldon responded to the tweets with the interview, writing, "ok. first, i think it has to be said that this is from like 15 yrs ago. i was an asshole back then, drinking a lot and in a toxic relationship. i had a massive chip on my shoulder and didn’t really know how to deal with it."

"the interview being quoted was done via email by a guy called bob cluness who was my friend at the time, so the responses were meant to be kinda tongue-in-cheek and jokey," Eldon continued. "i was very bitter and angry, yes, but i was also just dicking around."

Eldon also wrote that at the time, he didn't know that "context doesn’t really impart very well in a text interview", and wrote, "anger, self-loathing and self-sabotage are things ive struggled with a lot in my life. like everyone who likes their parents, i grew up wanting to be like them, but they made it look so easy, so i didn’t really put the work in like i should."

He also added that he stopped doing interviews and releasing material because of people judging him, and later wrote, "i guess that’s it, i have nothing more to say, but feel free to ask if you want clarification on any particular point. i just wanted to seize this opportunity to announce that i am not the guy who said those things, not anymore, and if ppl are gonna laugh at me and judge me, they should know that i also think the guy in that photo was just a titanic asshole that i no longer relate to. that doesn’t absolve me douchy things i said, i know, but i think society is in some small way to blame here."

Read his full response on Twitter. Sindri Eldon hasn't released new music since 2018's The Full Circle EP.