The new songs mark Biig Piig's first releases since July's "Don't Turn Around", which appears on the Fifa 21 soundtrack.

Biig Piig, aka Jessica Smyth, says "Oh No" is about feeling "that the safest place to be was my room - when I get paranoid or anxious or upset, hiding away felt like the easiest thing to do. Which is mad, because then quarantine happened and that literally was the safest place to be. "Oh No" is about being sad but also lockdown, unintentionally."

She adds of "Liahr", ""Liahr" is about not trusting myself in recent relationships. I feel I’ve been running into things headfirst and believing myself when I say I’m all in, but then falling out of it as quickly as I fall into it. "Liahr" is basically a one-to-one with myself about how I need to chill and stop hurting myself and others 'cause of goddamn trauma."

The singer/songwriter is yet to follow up her 2019 EP No Place for Patience, Vol. 3.

Biig Piig's "Oh No" and "Liahr" songs are out now on RCA.