The electronic warlock fuses soulful pop tones with sizzling electro backdrops to create a nice 'n' lengthy EP full of heart and forward-thinking sounds.

astronomyy tells us all about the EP in a statement:

"Rest In Paradise explores the journey of a relationship. From being Hypnotized and falling unconditionally, through tense uncertainty and self doubt, to the final 'Rest In Paradise' - which is open to interpretation as to whether that's the end or just the start. Sonically, the EP opens with dense, layered guitars and heavy 808s in 'Hypnotized' - contrasting dark brooding sounds with pretty, nonchalant vocals. 'Things I'd Do for U' takes a much lighter feel, mixing surf guitars and elements of trap - a genre I like to call guitar&B. The moody, sparse, and stripped-back 'Don't Need U' slows the pace down for the second part of the record. 'Everythin' On My Mind' picks up where 'Don't Need U' finishes and takes on a West Coast/chill/summer hybrid. It's a co-production with YOG$, who sampled my song 'Nothin' On My Mind'. The final, title track touches on a less-linear sound. A clash of hazy vocals, hyperactive percussion and big broad beats. A stoner anthem, if you will."

"Rest In Paradise signifies the end of a chapter in my personal life and my musical journey, solidifying it but leaving enough room to hint at the future."

As well as working on his own solo material, Astronomyy has written/produced with MNEK and Zara Larsson.

The Rest In Paradise EP is out now via Lunar Surf.