Harlem rapper and A$AP mob’s de-facto leader, A$AP Rocky is set to release a surprise album of self-produced instrumentals.

Having worked with the likes of Clams Casino, Skrillex and more on his debut LP Long. Live. ASAP, it seems like the hip-hop upstart wants to become more self-sufficient after co-producing ‘Suddenly’ on that very release.

A$AP told Hip Hop N More:

“I’m working on an instrumental album right now. I’m doing all my own beats. It’s going to be interesting to see how people react towards my production. I’m going put it out, I’m not even going to announce, I’ll just drop it”.


He also spoke about wanting to collab with Outkast man Andre 3000, having recently teamed up with Jessie Ware on a remix of ‘Wildest Moments’.

Watch the video interview where he makes the announcement below:

[via FACT]