"Hello Again," reads their new website, before providing info on when/where to find out about their comeback. Tune in to 6music from 4pm on Wednesday 15 June to find out what's going on.

The seminal indie duo split in 2006, with occasional murmurs and releases since, and a one-off show in 2011.

In 2013 Middleton said: "I think, with Arab Strap, it was good at the time. But we could only write songs of that ilk at a certain age. So I don’t think we’ll ever record again but it might be good to do a gig."

So if they are coming back, it sounds like we can assume that new music is out of the question. Then again, three years is a long time - maybe they've changed their minds? Whatever the case, we'll find out Wednesday by the looks of things.

Moffat and Middleton have been busy since the end of Arab Strap, working on various projects over the past decade. Moffat released latest LP Where Youre Meant To Be earlier in March, while Middleton released his album Summer Of '13 last month.