We've already heard "Say What You Want" and "Animals" from the LP, which sees Hung exploring his own voice on record for the first time.

"Once when I was a small child and wanted to get a fake nose ring from this shitty shopping centre stall in Kidderminster," says Hung in a statement accompanying the track. "Being young, I was really afraid of buying it. Consequently I stood there for a long while trying to pluck up the courage to get said fake nose ring before the woman came out from behind the stall and told me to fuck off. I went home crying... 'Elbow' is about pushing buttons. As for the stall, when my sister found out, she took me back and gave the woman a right bollocking."

Fuck Buttons last released an album in 2013 (Slow Focus). Hung's FB partner-in-crime Ben Power is pretty active as Blanck Mass - his latest LP World Eaterarrived back in February.


  1. Say What You Want
  2. Elbow
  3. No I Won’t
  4. Private Commercial
  5. Whispers
  6. Shadow
  7. Sugar Pops
  8. Animal
  9. Open Your Eyes
Realisationship is released 6 October via Lex.