"reverie" follows on from April's "juno", and came together after working with Biako during a trip to LA. The new song also features horns from Jesse and Forever (Nick Hakim).

anaiis says of the new release, ""reverie" is a song that explores the attachment to my lifelong dreams of being an artist, the expectations and disappointments I had on that path. It’s recognition that my ambitions may not manifest in exactly the ways I may have imagined, but that there is still so much to love and celebrate about who I am in that process. I think importantly, the love we give ourselves shouldn’t be tied to our achievements and accomplishments, it should be there regardless."

She adds on Instagram, "I wrote "reverie" when I was faced with the fact that I had very high expectations of myself and that in some ways, I didn’t meet my dreams exactly in the way I’d envisioned them. Sometimes life just doesn’t pan out as you thought it would, and even if it does, it may not feel the way you thought it would. These moments often left me lacking of self love, so this is a love song to myself - a reminder that that love should be there regardless of any accomplishments or "failures"."

anaiis' "reverie" track is out now.