The song was written in the wake of the discovery of McMahon's mother's terminal cancer, and is an overtly personal offering where McMahon puts all of his emotions on the table and exposes his very soul for all to see.

The initial horror and sadness surrounding the discovery of the illness, the acceptance and the ultimate celebration of his mother's life are all present within the song's soft melodies where forgiveness sits pride of place next to melancholy. It once again proves McMahon's ability to create perfectly-crafted songs that sound wholly unique to his style and are full of deep-seated passion.

It's the final song to come before the release of Amen Dunes' fifth album, entitlted Freedom, which is set for release on the 30 March and perfectly illustrates the overwhelming feeling of the album which presents a variety of characters that deal with the themes of childhood, masculinity and McMahon's own past.

Freedom will be released on 30 March via Sacred Bones.