Discussing the importance of owning your own story with Top Boy actress Jasmine Jobson, and UK rappers Aitch and Jay1, the TV and radio presenter discloses that she hasn’t always done so, revealing: “I used to be so shy or embarrassed for anyone to find out if I came out from a council house, or if my dad’s been to jail [sic]…. and actually that’s what makes me different.

"I want people to know [those things] so that if there are other people that are in the same situation I was in they can be like… ‘I thought there was no way I’d be able to do that, but she’s done it’”.

Actress Jasmine Jobson has previously opened up about overcoming a painful past, and reveals the heartbreak of losing both family and film roles before going on to her recent success and standout performance in 2019’s revival of Top Boy: "The biggest downfall throughout the whole of my upcoming career would probably be when my foster carer passed away in 2014 because that basically meant that I lost a mum, I lost a household, I lost a family; but all at the same time I also lost X-Men and Star Wars - I ended up losing both of them. I would have been working alongside John Boyega…. And I would have been Storm in X-Men. Life just completely changed from there”

Aitch and Jay1 also tease a future working relationship in the episode: when asked who his dream collab would be in a quickfire question round, Jay1 immediately states Aitch, with the Mancunian rapper asserting: “everyone’s waiting for it and it’s going to happen…”.

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