SMARTY Disc-overy store will launch in partnership with Record Store Day on 16 July, one day before the second RSD 2021 drop date, and will gift each customer one vinyl record each for free.

The one-day pop-up does have a twist though, as customers won't know what vinyl they're getting as every vinyl will be covered. According to a press release, this is to encourage people to find new favourites.

A variety of music will be available, from AJ Tracey to Ziggy Stardust, as well as rare, collectible albums and special editions.

The store will also have listening stations for customers to play their latest additions, and an in-store DJ.

SMARTY Disc-overy store will be open from 11am-7pm BST for one day on 16 July at 19 Air Street, London, W1B 5AG.