"Your Hand Holding Mine" remains true to the short string of demos that first caught everyone's attention on his SoundCloud: the skewed, wonky synth lines (inspired by a community of German and Spanish beat makers he follows on SoundCloud), static telly crackling feedback and van den Broek's earthy croon are all present, stark and refreshingly undiluted. It's not that this - his first release on new home Good Years (Mick Jenkins, Lil Silva and early BANKS) - feels bare though, far from it, there's a warm sentimentality to his wordplay, a gloss coat of remarkable emotional intelligence layered over blues guitars and sparsely arranged beats. He explains over email, "What the tune means for me is when your first love ends and once you were sure you'd be together forever, but you're on your own now and the song is written from that point." A boundless young talent with an admiration for timeless vocalists such as Ray Charles and Howlin' Wolf, Yellow Days is in it for the long haul.