Yet underneath the dazzling synths that seem to have been tailor made for slick retro films, it's not all sunshine and smiles and there is a sense of regret and longing as Farbe yearns "Tonight I'm on my own / Thinking how I done you wrong."

The fizzy melancholy that permeates through the song is backed by a warm quirkiness that is characteristic of Video Age's inherent tendency to explore the range of the weirder pop spectrum.

Describing their unique, retro take on futuristic pop, Farbe says “The common thread for me is this inventiveness and excitement in finding these weird, new things that you don’t already have preconceived notions for what they’re used for."

It's set to be an exciting year for the band, who will be embarking on a mini tour with Anemone and with their new album, entitled Pop Therapy, on the horizon it won't be long before they're treating us to some more experimental pop remedies.

Pop Therapy is out 15 June via Inflated Records.