Now both based in Berlin, which functions as Ultraflex’s home turf, they debuted a few months ago with the soaring “Olympic Sweat”, but now they’re returning with something a little different with their new single “Work Out Tonight”.

In contrast to the aloof and celestial debut track, their new single brings things back down to earth with a slinky, strutting, dancefloor monster. The band’s trademarks remain in place: disco influences and big bag of athletic imagery, and “Work Out Tonight” mixes whispering verses that hum with intensity and a chorus that sparkles like sun on the water.

Of the song and its video, the band say, “It's a song about the gym. You know, all that sweat can make you real thirsty… ‘Work Out Tonight’ is the first in a trilogy of Ultraflex videos directed by genius artist and our good friend Okay Kaya. Bathing, sunshine, pickles... We decided to give our fans a special glimpse into our everyday lifestyle.”

“Work Out Tonight” is out now, and Ultraflex’s debut album Visions of Ultraflex is out on 30 October via Street Pulse. Find Ultraflex on Instagram.