Burning brightly with groove-infused bass, janky guitars and psychedelic melodies, “Yellow Lines” is a kaleidoscopic bop. Ever-evolving artist Tommy Newport is becoming known for dabbling with a variety of genres, and his new track is evidently another of his colourful creations, shimmering with dance elements amid more indie rock instrumentation.

Newport says, “My battle, like so many other artists, is the constant evolution of my sound and wanting to always try new things. I prefer to exist in many different worlds sonically at once.”

Newport's effortless, at times almost spoken-word vocals are full of character and flow freely atop the strutting rhythm.

“Yellow Lines” sees Newport giving us a friendly reminder to not get too distracted by the outside world and remember to keep our eyes on the prize, even if at times it may seem out of reach. As Newport sings, “I got this subtle shock that's always on my mind / my eyes are open but I’m blind.”

"Yellow Lines" is out now. Find Tommy Newport on Instagram.