Melbourne-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Tim Ayre returns with his second single “LAXX”. The former member of the duo Tim & Jean collectively brings a kaleidoscope of hues to his latest bedroom psych-pop endeavour. Sonically landing somewhere between Tame Impala and Gus Dapperton, Ayre is crafting sparkling pop music which feels both intimate and surreal.

“LAXX” is isolated in a region of lush melodies, buoyant vocals, and relaxed synths. In its sonic travels, it roams through places that offer shimmering delight and soothing sights. Ayre serves as our conductor of a trippy but ultimately appeasing jaunt. Complementing his synth-driven exertion is a lavender-tinged, vintage VHS-style video which gives off great aesthetic gratification.

“The title ‘LAXX’ is a play on words,” reveals Ayre. “In Australia we say ‘LAXX’ as slang for relaxed (i.e. having a lax on the beach) and it's also a reference to LAX airport in LA - I wanted to bring inspiration from those two references into the song.”

“LAXX” is out now via Kitsuné Musique. Find Tim Ayre on Instagram.