Therese Lithner's “Our Summer” is a song constructed from a series of snapshot images, flowing by the listener in a slow, hazy motion. The story of the summer is told in vivid tableaus, from “sitting here inside my mother’s house / wondering where all the cars have gone” to “leaves are falling on the coloured ground / like pieces of my stubborn mind”.

The carousel those images spin on is a ballad wrapped in crushing weight, a song that moves like a dense storm cloud, until the chorus opens up and the light falls onto the picture. “'Our Summer' is a dark, autumnal counterpoint to the lighter summer blues,” says Lithner. “It’s about love and a summer lost. Produced by the world’s best, Sibille Attar”.

“Our Summer” is out on 11 October, and is part of Therese Lithner’s second EP Prints, out on 25 October via Lazy Octopus Records. Find Therese Lithner on Facebook.