"Muse" is all twilight hues and textures but is notably less darker than some of The Code's output to date, with the addition of the awesome Cassie lending a mellow edge, bringing the fire with delicacy and mood. "Her vocal flowed with the vibe I was trying to create," The Code tells Best Fit, "and I wanted it to be subtle so the focus is still on how you feel."

"It’s just a story, so "Muse" is the first part of this journey," he adds. "There's a movie called Ex Machina if you’ve seen it. This helped with the concept of the visual piece that someone is connecting to this robot but it's a robot at the end of the day so there’s always that disconnect, and that's what I tried to do with this song. Basically everything sounds like an original song."

"Muse" is the second track lifted from The Code's next mixtape Paramount which drops next Friday (26 January).