Situated in Tottenham’s beating heart lies the dystopian lair of the formidable and inimitable Drones Club. At their core are three individuals who craft a series of often perplexing odes to rampant consumerism and cream coloured crocodiles, whilst ensuring the project is a radically inclusive organisation with fluid boundaries.

There are very few congregations of humanoids that compare to the surreal and otherworldly experience that is a Drones Club performance. Picture the demonic energy of an ancient polytheistic religion combined with a political rally and you should be somewhere near their unholy ceremony in all its marvellous, irreverent and idiosyncratic wonderment.

It can be difficult to replicate a live experience that is so unique on to record but fortunately for the mighty Drones, they have deftly navigated this swampy area and created a world-wide, summer banger in “International”.

“International” is out now via PMR Records