Buenos Aires-born Valerie Teicher, who's based in NYC, has wowed with majestic singles and her Verde and Saudade EPs - with "Keep Running" she continues a winning streak, and makes us ludicrously excited for LP1.

The Berklee College of Music-educated pop maestro fuses boisterous R&B fire with sleek, synthy pop gold. "Keep Running" is a hallucinogenic cut built to remove you from reality and plonk you into a state of perpetual giddiness. Tei Shi is back - ignore at your peril.

"Keep Running"'s stunning visuals are helmed by Agostina Gálvez.

"Val (Tei Shi) and I connected creatively very fast and we were able to integrate our ideas in an interesting way," says Gálvez. "She wanted to do a karaoke scene and that was the starting point to develop the rest of the story in the video. What I like the most about it is how ordinary elements become strange, generating a special atmosphere throughout the song. Shooting her was great, her slow moves and graceful gestures made her whole performance hypnotic."

"'Keep Running' was the first new track I wrote shortly after releasing my last EP," adds Teicher. "It's a kind of call to arms to someone you love, to take on and confront all of life's obstacles together. To fight to stay together through thick and thin. A ride or die kind of love."

Teicher is planning plenty of live dates - stay tuned to find out more.

Crawl Space is released by Polydor on 31 March. Get "Keep Running" now.