We all recognise that chick from MNDR as that chick who sung on Mark Ronson’s ‘Bang Bang Bang’ but how well does she cope without the help of meister? Well she clearly knows her stuff; she’s been programming beats since she was a teen and even designed Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ touring keyboard!

I‘ll be honest, without Ronson she’s even better; like a less slutty, more intelligent Gaga. Blasting smoking hot bold addictive danceable beats woven with crisp, punchy synths and sexy, blunt vocals that could make the likes of La Roux and Little Boots cry. ‘Caligula’ is a fine example of what electro pop can be and what it should be.

MNDR will play a one-off London show at XOYO on November 24. Tickets available here.

MNDR: ‘Caligula’