Our 100th SOTD has arrived, and what better way to celebrate than a choice, fresh cut from Abe Vigoda?

However, those expecting more of the post-punk meatiness of their previous efforts might be in for a shock as ‘Throwing Shade’ has taken their previous copybook and, basically, torn it up. There’s beats. There’s synths. There’s fewer guitars. Honestly, when I first played this I wonder if I’d clicked on the right track. This is basically a twisted pop anthem, perfect for the elongated summer we’re all hoping has just arrived.

Once you’ve got past the pulsing beat that kick starts ‘Throwing Shade’, it’s then taken over by a jangling guitar riff and deep, drowning vocals that brings to mind those 80′s heavyweights Depeche Mode. But this is far too joyful to be stuck in their dark closet of fear, this is a song that’s constantly fighting to get out of the confines of its three-minutes.

Whatever the new album Crush sounds like, I’m now looking forward to it even more. Even if they can’t carry on with this party-atmosphere it doesn’t matter. With ‘Throwing Shade’ they’ve basically created one of the anthems for the summer.

Abe Vigoda: ‘Throwing Shade’