Ah, who doesn’t love a good debut? And as debuts go, the new single by Skullcrusher makes for a stunning listen. Emerging from practically nowhere, the talented singer-songwriter and guitarist crafts a captivating atmosphere with her new release “Places / Plans”.

“You told me your friend’s in love,” opens the track with a delicately strummed guitar, detouring through a slumbering clutch of sounds. “Did you tell me for a reason?” brazenly poses Skullcrusher as she challenges a potential lover, one who fears of embarking on emotion when the often challenging life of a musician beckons. What if their feelings aren’t quite reciprocal? They are near immobilised with shyness.

Arresting in its simplicity, “Places / Plans” showcases the soft and confessional coos of Skullcrusher with a vulnerability that tugs at the heartstrings. As detailed in the lyrics, the moment the track recounts proved a life-changing one for the L.A artist.

“This was the first song I wrote for the project and feels like the thematic core of the record,” shares Skullcrusher - better known as Helen Ballentine - of her debut. “I wanted to release it first because I wrote it during the pivotal time of deciding to pursue music.”

“Places / Plans” is available now. Follow Skullcrusher on Instagram.