Embroiled with warped electronic patterns and languid guitar melodies, ROCH’s vocals are a haunting melodic interlude, floating serenely over the patchwork of synths and romantic reverb.

The accompanying animation, brought to life by ROCH and YONK studios, reimagines a distorted professional environment - uniting a collective of headless, pregnant mannequins. Computer monitors flash beneath the fluorescent lighting as the day becomes immeasurable, the sun rising and setting at disparate intervals.

Although at first physical intimacy is just out of reach, the bodies eventually intertwine, convulsing in a flurried mass of gesticulating limbs.

“The office space determines how they interact with each other,” ROCH explains. “Throughout the video they come together as a big team and rely on each other to prop themselves up.”

The importance of community and social support allows the women to find calm amongst the chaos, building meaningful relationships and reclaiming their own space amongst the sterile office environment.

“All Time Favourite Girl” is out now, with her debut album set for release in 2020. Find ROCH on Facebook.