Pavo Pavo started when Oliver Hill and Eliza Bagg met while playing in a string quartet at Yale. A six year relationship followed, and the changing dynamics between the pair following their separation is the focus of Mystery Hour, the new album that “Check The Weather” is taken from.

Since their university days, Hill and Bragg have between them collaborated with the likes of Ben Frost, Meredith Monk, John Zorn and Dirty Projectors, and Hill is a member of the touring bands of both Kevin Morby and Vagabon.

"Check The Weather" is a pensive meditation on Hill and Bagg's morphing roles in each other's lives, explored over uneasy synths and wavy funk guitars. The track is accompanied by a strong contender for weirdest video of the year so far, featuring the breakdown of an inter-species romance with a Gene Wilder lookalike and a dolphin-headed man.

“The video was directed by Charlotte/Charles Ercoli,” say Pavo Pavo. “We fell in love with her video for Ariel Pink & Weyes Blood’s 'Tears of Fire' and wanted something for this track that similarly treads that line of touching and bizarre. She found this internet phenomenon of prosthetic dolphin masks, and had the idea to tell a classic plot-driven love story between two dolphins.

“Ideally we want it to look like some crap we found in a corner of the internet and sync’ed up with our song, but then when we make a cameo at the end it becomes clear that we made it - hoping the response is, 'huh, that’s weird that they made this.' It’s a tale as old as time.”

"Check The Weather" is out now and Mystery Hour is out 25 January via Bella Union. Find Pavo Pavo on Facebook.