The latest single from UK-based songwriter Nolan Garrett is as charming as it is sonically expansive. With lilting acoustic guitar lines and Garrett’s delicate vocals, “The Camel” opens a uniquely poetic door into his introspective psych-pop sound.

Reminiscent of some of Dry the River’s softer offerings, the cleverly layered production is combined with philosophical lyrical influences, forming a track that's the realisation of Garrett as a songwriter cultivating his craft.

“I was really trying to expand my palette of sounds and push myself with the way I went about structuring the songs,” says Garrett. “I was really trying go out of the box with how the song progressed and it had a lot of different renditions before the final. Each section had its own timeline of work, and it took nearly a year of solid experimenting and demoing to get that song where I wanted it.”

“These songs were all written in the summer 2018. It was a weird time for me mentally, and I really got into learning about philosophy which probably didn’t help. So lyrically a lot of these songs are inspired by different philosophers, especially Nietzsche, from which the concept of 'The Camel' actually comes from.”

"The Camel" is out now. Find Nolan Garrett on Facebook.