Over the past ten years, American folk trio Mountain Man have garnered much praise for the unadorned beauty of their near-hymnal a cappella songs, but with her forthcoming debut solo album Karaoke Angel Molly Sarlé has found her stride with her own captivating brand of indie rock.

Possessing a knack for crafting observant and relatable tales within her lyrics, the video for Sarlé’s latest single “Suddenly” sees the songwriter peer into the lens with temptatious zest as she writhes and flirts her way around her latest story, tongue quite in cheek. But then the moment is over, and Sarlé realises that she’s compromised her own pleasure in molding to another’s desire.

“‘Suddenly’ is a song about realising you’ve been performing sex for someone else rather than experiencing it yourself,” shares Sarlé of her new single, which follows in the wake of her first solo release “Human”. In a similar manner to which “Human” peels back the conflict of expectations vs reality when it comes to love, “Suddenly” unravels the nuanced complexities of relationships, albeit this time pertaining to more primal needs.

Setting the tone with lazily seductive guitar plucks, the mood is abruptly spoiled with a pound of drums and Sarlé’s increasingly impassioned wails as she realises the disconnect between sex and emotion. “Suddenly, I am no longer what I want to be,” she cries. “I am changed honey; I am changed.”

The debut solo album Karaoke Angel is released 20 September via Partisan Records. Follow Molly Sarlé on Instagram.