“My favourite story's the one that's gory,” sings NYC-based Miss Grit's front woman Margaret Sohn, out of frustration for the unrealistic portrayals of love in popular culture. “This song was created from my adoration of Tarantino’s Kill Bill movies and hatred of romantic comedies,” says Sohn, “and the false image of love they portray to women."

Sohn's clear vocal drives deceptively gentle synth-backed ditties into surges of heavier guitars reminiscent of early Yeah Yeah Yeahs. “The Bride” is a tenacious, rousing taste of what's to come from Miss Grit's EP Talk Talk, due later this month, which will deal with struggles of social anxiety and feeling lost in intense “all or nothing” emotional expectations from relationships.

Find Miss Grit on Facebook. "The Bride" is out tomorrow, and the EP Talk Talk is out 11 January.