Following 2017's Reckoning 1, "Chemical Cure" acts as a perfect introduction to the next instalment in the Reckoning series. Fuelled by cool pulsing beats and Nikki Taylor's irresistible vocals, the song explores the human position of reliance on chemicals to get through the highs and lows of life, whether that be addiction to temporarily raised serotonin levels or harder chemicals to enable complete escape from reality.

Explaining the inspiration behind the track, Taylor says "We wrote "Chemical Cure" on a particularly bad day for our country and our world a few months back (it seems that there are quite a few of those lately). The song is about waking up every day and having to face what's going on out there. It's about wanting to, and also NOT wanting to, lean on chemicals to deal with the ups and downs of life. The chemical cures that we find on the outside and those unpredictable neurotransmitters that our brains feed us... The rise of the morning, the hope, and then the apathy that can set in by nighttime... But also trying to find inspiration and promise in the gaps of what's left, what's in-between."

Beyond the track's exploration of addiction lies a desperation to move beyond the reliance and find the hope in the reality we all face, a theme which runs through the heart of Reckoning 2. "The new EP, as a whole, is our attempt to reckon with this... what's going on in our lives and, on a grander scale, in our country and the world" explains Taylor.

Ultimately, "Chemical Cure" is a powerful pop track with a purpose where the determined search for hope bleeds through the bleakness and raises the spirit.

Reckoning 2 is released on Friday 2nd March.