Believe it or not, East Anglia has consistently churned out some of UK music’s greatest talents and brightest hopes. From The Farmer's Boys to Miss Black America the undulating fields of Norfolk and Suffolk have played home to a thriving community of artists and that tradition of excellence, thankfully, is very much alive and well today.

Maya Law and longtime producer Gabriel Gifford are part of the latest crop of talented young people putting the East on the map. Cutting their teeth on Norwich’s gig circuit, the pair formed after Law began recording and performing with Cabrakid; a producer/rapper duo comprised of Gifford and Jake Setters. This union produced full-length record Her Or Him - a heady blend of jazz, R&B and hip-hop all tied together with Maya’s stunning vocal.

The culmination of their endeavours over the past year since, has resulted in the smooth jazz-hop of “Full Circle” featuring London rapper Deacon. With a tone reminiscent of Erykah Badu and more recently Girlhood’s Tessa, Law is instantly recognisable, weaving a tale of time and space before opening the floor to Deacon whose poetry adds maturity and depth.

Part of the Norwich scene’s charm is this real emphasis on collaboration and mutual respect, particularly in the urban and electronic community; qualities that have permeated all of Law and Gifford’s releases thus far. Definitely ones to watch.

“Full Circle” is out now.