Previous members of Saint Pe, Muuy Biien & Concord America banded together to form dark and experimental outfit Material Girls, recently lauded as “Atlanta’s Best Band”.

On single “Drained”, taken from the recent EP MG VS IQ, Material Girls explore '80s goth-rock, cabaret-tinged experimental music, Latin jazz & more, all filtered through the group's scuzzy DIY punk roots.

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Speaking on priorities Material Girls said "When you have access to everything, nothing is impressive. There's nothing to be surprised about. Your interest cannot be piqued that way. The whole social media universe is just flooded with horse shit anyways. You end up being washed away amidst a wave of horse shit, and the tide is always high. Soon enough there will be another picture-filtering application so people can share all what they ate for breakfast or the kinds of things they drunkenly shout in a loud nightclub and all kinds of things for you to not give a fuck about while your day is wasting away spent following someone else's boring life. And then when will they have a chance to listen to Material Girls? Probably never. They are too busy."

“Drained” is out now.