Following last summer's pop epiphany "All I Want" and follow up "Sweet", which was accompanied by a pastel-tennis-dream of a music video, Marlene is finally ready to share her next offering. "Next To Me" is billed as the lead single from the independent artist's long-awaited EP, her first since her 2014 debut collection Indian Summer.

Laced with her signature vocals and nods to the heyday of '90s R&B, "Next To Me" sees Marlene continue her ascent to the top. Perfect for summer, the warm emotion-fuelled number is all about falling in love and the uncertainties and questions that come with defining your relationship. It's feel good, but definitely leaves room for the anxieties to creep in.

Marlene explains: "I'm always looking for contrasts in general, like things can't be too polished and serious. I would wear silk shorts with a knitted sweater and high heels to a track suit. And if there's a super slick pad I almost feel forced to put some gritty distorted drums to it… it’s the contrasts that makes things interesting most of the time I think, something happens when everything isn’t perfect."

That love of contrast comes through in "Next To Me" with the inclusion of a grainy clip of someone talking about "some science stuff about love". The new EP is currently taking shape and is expected to be release in time for summer ready to soundtrack sun-drenched drives, days at the beach or days inside protecting yourself from the dangers of hayfever.

"Next To Me" is out now via SWEET MUSIC.