Channelling a smorgasbord of influences such as glitchy, pixelated undercurrents plus the skittish beat and throbbing bass of the present emo-hip hop moment, “Monarchy” is a genre-bending ear worm that wriggles its way about its catchy chorus. “I don’t like the way he treats me,” muses Tun, her vocal meandering between punchy frustration and reflective vulnerability. “Acts so tough when deep down he needs me”.

The accompanying visual is similarly cut, capturing an early-00s aesthetic that is fragmented by the slow movements and soft-focus that embodies Tun’s off-kilter tale, pulling her between truth and fiction.

“Me and James had spent the whole day working on another song and ‘Monarchy’ was made in the last 20 minutes,” explains Tun of how ‘Monarchy’ came to life. “I wanted to write about the first stage of beginning to date someone and the drama and fun that comes with it. The “getting to know” stage is my favourite part.

“The song details a first date gone wrong and is aimed at men (or anyone) who try to be someone they aren’t when they first meet someone,” she continues. “It’s about being yourself and believing in your own sauce”.

"Monarchy" is available now. Follow Lucy Tun on Instagram.