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Listen: Jungle – “Busy Earnin'”

Listen: Jungle – “Busy Earnin'”

20 February 2014, 09:45 | Written by Chris Taylor

While the rest of the world was getting prepared to watch the Brits/to snarkily tweet about the Brits, Zane Lowe dropped his Hottest Record In The World which is a pretty accurate accolade to stick onto this absolute triumph of a track. Jungle’s “Busy Earnin’” has taken everything we’ve loved from their previous efforts and kicked it into an anthemic, brass fueled extravaganza.

Song of the DayThe likes of “The Heat” and “Platoon”, and their seriously brilliant accompanying music videos made such a splash that the folks over at XL Recordings sat up and paid attention, signing them just last month. “Busy Earnin’” is a good indication that they’ve made a pretty great decision in doing so. It’s yet another track packed to the rafters with slick, exciting and, most importantly, fun production that just makes it a joy to listen to over and over again. But, rather than the laid-back style of those previous singles, “Busy Earnin’”is a bombastic celebratory track.

With synths that sparkle, a funky bassline and the addictive soul flavour in both the horns and the falsetto vocals, it’s a track that screams “we mean business”, gliding along with a real swagger in its step; TV On The Radio if they suddenly decided to dominate dancefloors. If you haven’t been paying attention to Jungle, now is the time to jump on the bandwagon because, if this is anything to go by, things are only going to get much better for them in the coming year.

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