With that nonchalant delivery and those satin-smooth vocals, JGrrey is an artist who is hard to resist. With "Growing" she once again marks herself out as a wholly intriguing artist who continues to leave use in awe.

The song explores the simple idea of growing up, and through it we get a visualisation of JGrrey's maturing as an artist. It's sophisticated, fuelled by JGrrey's individual attitude that permeates through every beat. Yet as well as being relatable, it also feels like the perfect soundtrack to the summer months.

The song is perfectly complimented by the accompanying visuals that stylishly depict the inner child that lives within us all, as JGrrey explains: “The idea behind the video was initially to convey that everyone has an inner child no matter how much they may try to outgrow it. I find many people try to hide their inner child and I’m totally not that person. I’d like to think I’m best friends with my inner child and the video is meant to show this."

"Growing" is available everywhere now.