Well, transcend they do on latest song "WILD".

Built on a framework of industrial beats and fuzzing synths, the Denver band soon let 'The Ghost' enter - feral harmonies welding with the chorus' thick wall of noise and multifaceted melodies.

It's dream-pop for sure (the song's opening could easily be mistaken for Cocteau Twins) but with its hefty rhythms and polished vocals it's a decidedly different, and modern, take on the genre. And we're decidedly in love.

"This song is about that moment you finally acknowledge the feelings that have always been there," the band says. 'I can't believe I'm about to say this to you', 'I'm going to tell you something while I'm drunk enough to say it' - an invitation to lay it on the line."

"WILD" appears on Inner Oceans' debut album I Don't Mind, released on 16 September.

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